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Colonoscopy proves early detection key for patient’s survival

Colon cancer survivor with blue ribbonLake Hallie resident Kathy Grant knew something wasn’t right after experiencing several GI symptoms. Given her age, 66, she wanted a colonoscopy.

It wasn’t a moment too soon for Grant, a Marshfield Clinic Healthy System patient for more than a decade – she had Stage 3 colon cancer. Grant completed chemotherapy in May 2015 and is cancer-free. Her focus now is healing, staying healthy and enjoying life.

“If I never had the colonoscopy, I wouldn’t have known I had cancer,” said Grant. She is now an advocate for colonoscopies. “The colonoscopy saved my life.”

Early detection, colonoscopy was key

Dr. Pat Tanawattanacharoen, Grant’s medical oncologist/hematologist at Marshfield Medical Center-Eau Claire (Cancer Center), thought her attitude during treatment was impressive.

“She was very upbeat and always stayed positive about her medical situation,” Tanawattanacharoen said. “She got help at the right time so she had her cancer detected early and received treatment. Early detection is the key to increasing the odds of survival.”

Important colonoscopy tips:

Tanawattanacharoen recommends people with family history of colon cancer or anyone experiencing symptoms should talk to their provider about having a colonoscopy sooner.

If a doctor cannot detect the cancer early, it can also spread to the lymph nodes or nearby organs.

“Getting in, having that early detection and starting treatment is critical,” Tanawattanacharoen said. “We’ve had many patients who go on to have normal, healthy lives after receiving treatment for colon cancer.”

Want to learn more about colonoscopies? Health System providers also answer common questions in this video.

“If even one person has cancer detected early from a colonoscopy after hearing my story, then this effort was worth it,” Grant said. “A colonoscopy saved my life and it might save yours or someone you love next.”

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