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What you win if you quit the Smoking Game (Infographic)

If you ditch the cigs you can win a lot. Better health. Cash in your pocket. No more social stigma.

If you’ve tried but haven’t succeeded yet, it’s time to try again.

“The most important thing is to not give up the fight,” said Dr. Dean Delmastro, oncologist at Marshfield Clinic Health System. “It’s so important and worth all the time and effort to quit smoking.”

We want you to really understand how many different ways you can benefit if you quit smoking now. So, take a chance as the next contestant on the game show below, where you actually win when you quit (what other game can say that?).

  • See for yourself how much it affects your body’s systems.
  • Find out how much longer you may live.
  • Enjoy a big bonus with improved appearance.
  • Kick-start your social life, without the stigma of smoking.
  • Get immediate health benefits.
  • See how you can save thousands of dollars. Seriously. Thousands.

It’s all here. Check it out!

Quitters Win infographic


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