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Onsite employee screening: Ways employers can help employees safe

Helping local business get back to work - BHS Screening Service

As businesses begin to re-open during COVID-19, they face a variety of challenges. Occupational health services like those provided by Marshfield Clinic Health System, can help employers be confident about keeping their workforce safe.

As businesses throughout Wisconsin begin to re-open or adjust to keep employees safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, they face a variety of challenges. Occupational health services like those provided by Marshfield Clinic Health System, can help employers be confident about keeping their workforce safe.

One such offering is an onsite employee screening service. With this service, occupational health technicians come directly to the worksite to screen employees for COVID-19 symptoms and take temperatures before employees enter their workplace.

This service is an important way to ensure employees that their workplace environment is safe, and thus far, the Health System has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response to this service from local businesses.

“We have heard comments about how affordable our onsite screening and consulting services are, how quickly our system has responded to the needs of our communities,” said Jeff Tucker, Vice President of Business Development for the Health System.

Comprehensive services for local businesses

When it comes to creating a safer worksite during the COVID-19 pandemic, the occupational health team offers many more services in addition to their onsite employee screening including:

  • Educational programs on topics such as PPE training, social distancing and maintaining a clean work environment.
  • Isolation guidance and contact tracing.
  • Return-to-work programs for those who were isolated due to being positive or suspected positive.
  • COVID-19 onsite testing for employees.
  • Implementation of all recommendations from the State of Wisconsin Badger Bounce Back plan and other state and federal regulations such as the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Occupational Health and Safety Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Medical advisory services to help employers understand an employee’s health information.

These customizable and detailed services came together as the result of Health System leaders working together to address short- and long-term concerns necessary in order for area businesses to safely resume operations.

“This plan addresses the operational component with occupational health providers offering onsite screening, assessments of employer readiness to return to work and assistance on what policies to have in place to make each workplace safe,” Tucker said. “But it also provides an educational component by directly answering employer and employee questions.”

The Business Health Solutions team, along with Security Health Plan executives, a division of Marshfield Clinic Health System, have started a massive outreach effort to help employers learn more about the resources available to them and what next steps can be taken.

How can employers get started?

If a local business is interested in using Occupational Health services at Marshfield Clinic Health System, to return to work safely, they can call 1-800-498-5514 or email businesshealth@marshfieldclinic.org. They also can visit the Occupational Health webpage to learn more.

Security Health Plan also offers financial assistance for businesses looking for assistance with employee screening services. Additional information can be found on their website.

“The vision of Marshfield Clinic Health System is to enrich lives through accessible, affordable compassionate health care,” Tucker said.​​​​​ “We kept this at the forefront of our efforts to develop a program to help our communities re-open for business during this very trying time.”

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