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The healing power of hyperbaric medicine: One patient’s story

Julie Peissig had the perfect life. She and her husband Jeff had just built a new home. They had three beautiful children, and Julie was working her dream job.

Then came the diagnosis. Breast cancer. Her perfect life was thrown into chaos. Dreams about the future became fear that she wouldn’t have a future.

But Julie is a fighter, and her diagnosis was just the start of her story. After receiving radiation therapy to help kill the cancer, Julie developed an open wound on her chest that refused to heal.

Eventually, Julie’s care team decided hyperbaric medicine was an option to help her wound heal. It was a long and grueling process. Julie spent two hours nearly every day for a year inside of a hyperbaric chamber. But over time, the wound began to heal.

“It was like a miracle was happening right before my eyes,” Julie said. Watch Julie’s extraordinary story here:

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