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The Rounds: Women’s sexual health


Sexual health is an important part of overall health, identity and happiness. Yet for many people, including medical providers, the topic can be uncomfortable to discuss. Dr. Hajira Yasmin is working to change this stigma and empower women to own their sexuality.

Listen as Dr. Yasmin discusses her role as medical director of the Women’s Intimacy Clinic at Marshfield Clinic Health System and the work she does helping women of all ages live healthier sexual lives.

To request an appointment with Dr. Yasmin, click here.

The Rounds: Women’s sexual health (text transcription)

5 responses to “The Rounds: Women’s sexual health”

  1. gregory

    Women Viagra() medicines such as Lovegra and Ladygra are effective in treating female sexual arousal disorder that is associated with los sexual drive, painful coition, and difficulty achieving orgasm.

  2. Angela Borgne

    Thank you so much for sharing, do you think there would be a similar clinic opening in Eau Claire, especially since the LGBTQA+ community has such a need and there's a great lacking in those that understand them? Also, there are so many suffering from chronic & acute illnesses that forget sex, when done in a non-painful, successful for the individual, is about as therapeutic as laughter, and both are needed to help the body heal! My elder kin have an issue where their joints, muscles, tendons, ligimets, and bones are all deteriorating while causing Fibromyalgia like pain (started in early 30's), and shortly there after their A1C started to climb; even now with insulin & metformin (plus other meds) can't keep their pre/post food consumed glucose numbers under 300 on the glucometer and they're in their mid 60's now. There has to be help for that spark of intimacy to return & to know that some of the complications shouldn't prevent them from being intimate with their spouse! What's worse is I've seen it already start in younger generations, and to be touched, intimate or not, is painful, their children not understanding why cuddles cause tears or worse. Traditional medication currently available in WI legally hasn't helped, but surely your clinic would be able to find a way to help restore that!? Thank You for sharing your hope!

    1. Jacob Zipperer


      Thank you for your comment and thanks for listening! Dr. Yasmin does not currently have plans to expand to Eau Claire with a physical presence, however it is possible that in the future she will see patients via telehealth (video conference or over the telephone). In regard to your more specific questions, we cannot provide medical advice on this forum. We suggest you reach out to Dr. Yasmin’s office directly. Here is a link to her provider page where you can find her contact information and request an appointment: https://www.marshfieldclinic.org/doctors/search/?k=yasmin. Thank you. – Jake

      1. Angela

        Thank you!

      2. Jacob Zipperer

        Of course,

        Thanks for reading Shine365!


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