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Miraculous timing: Stroke doesn’t stop this patient

Camping with family and friends is one of the most fun things to do during summers in Wisconsin and Julie and Dan Guden, who live in the Marathon County village of Athens, look forward to camping adventures every year.

However, they will never forget their trip several years ago on a July 4 holiday to Phillips in Price County. That’s when Julie, a fun, vibrant, active woman suffered a stroke at the age of 40 and her husband had to make a difficult decision that saved her life.

It’s very unusual for someone as young and healthy as Julie to suffer a stroke.

While getting things ready for that camping trip she had a bad headache and went to bed. This was very unusual for her, according to her husband. Julie later felt better and on that July 4 morning she started the day as you do when you camp. It all changed quickly for her, though. While walking up from the beach she fell, could not walk, could not talk nor give clues about what was happening to her. Family and friends found her and saw something was seriously wrong. Three others camping nearby, all medically trained, went to her aid.

Time was of the essence

A phone call immediately activated a system of care that rapidly moved her through an amazing journey of diagnosis, treatment and healing from Phillips to Flambeau Hospital in Park Falls and ultimately to Marshfield Medical Center, a Certified Primary Stroke Center.

Watch the Gudens’ story about their journey to see how time and a system of care were on Julie’s side.

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