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9 tips to avoid holiday weight gain

holiday cookies

Ever notice that following the holidays your clothes may be a bit snug? The fact is, the average American gains five to seven pounds during the eight weeks before New Year’s Day.

Staying healthy over the holidays, doesn’t mean you have to skip out on all of the fun.

Follow these tips for a healthy way to enjoy the festivities:

  1. Don’t try to start a diet over the holidays. A more realistic goal may be to maintain your weight.
  2. Don’t skip meals in anticipation of the smorgasbord planned for a later meal.
  3. Eat prior to attending a holiday party-– you’ll likely be less hungry at the event.
  4. Distance yourself from the buffet, so you’re not tempted to nibble.
  5. Don’t try to cut out all of your holiday favorites. Be selective with choices and try smaller portions.
  6. Use a smaller plate. Less food equals fewer calories.
  7. Sample different foods at different events. If you had cheese and crackers at one party, have something else at the next one.
  8. Remember, alcoholic beverages contain calories, too. Drink a glass of water between alcoholic beverages.
  9. Plan events that don’t revolve around eating. Try ice skating, sledding with the kids, renting movies or singing carols.

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