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New robotic-assisted surgery system installed at Weston

robotic-assisted surgery system

Marshfield Medical Center-Weston is now home to robotic-assisted total joint replacement surgery. Dr. Mark Earll performed the first procedure with the VELYS™ Robotic-Assisted Surgery System.

The advanced surgical technology will primarily be used for knee replacements. Dr. Earll says it allows implants to be placed with even more precision.

Robotics and computer-assisted navigation technology has been used at the Health System for years,” said Dr. Earll. “This new system takes things one step farther, with the bone-cutting saw being attached to the computer. This allows the planned implant alignment to be precisely replicated in the operating room.”

Another major benefit is patient implant customization and soft tissue alignment without the requirement of preoperative CT imaging.

“We are able to receive new insight into soft tissue tension around the knee, so implants can feel more natural,” Dr. Earll said. “This has been shown to improve patient satisfaction in the short-term and may lead to faster recoveries.”

The VELYS™ orthopedics technology keeps the surgeon in control during the procedure and doesn’t move or operate on its own. Dr. Earll says it is unique to the Wausau-Weston area and is the latest example of how Marshfield Clinic Health System is making advancements in orthopedics.

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