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Better care together: Patient feedback creates quality health care

Most, if not all, health care systems have ways for patients and their families to provide feedback when it comes to their experience during appointments, in the hospital and everywhere in between.

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We want to hear from you. Share your feedback and suggestions with your health care team.

Marshfield Clinic Health System has after-visit and post-discharge surveys to allow patients to share feedback with our organization. The survey provides space to free-write comments.

Maria Pernsteiner, program coordinator, Patient and Family Partnerships at Marshfield Clinic Health System says that oftentimes, patients will use the survey’s comment space to recognize their provider or care team member who has made a positive impact on them during their care encounter. Additionally, patients can share feedback and their suggestions.

Why share your feedback?

“It is important that patients share their feedback with the Health System through the surveys received in the mail or via email as this is one way we understand the patient’s experience through their journey of care with us,” said Pernsteiner. “Each question answered is reflective of the care received in a particular area. We use this feedback to understand what’s going well and focus our efforts on improving those opportunity areas.”

What feedback can you share?

Nothing is off limits when you are sharing feedback about health care. Patients should speak up if they had a positive experience with a provider or care team. This allows departments to prioritize the actions and communications that are meaningful to patients and families.

Additionally, patients and families can share suggestions on how to improve care. Thus far within the Health System, patients and their love ones have developed a hospital comfort and hospitality guide, identified ways that caregivers and patients build trust, and provided input into My Marshfield Clinic. Patient feedback also has shaped staff training for the Health System.

Opportunities for you to get involved

At Marshfield Clinic Health System, patient and family advisory councils provide a great way for patients to let their voice be heard. The Health System also has a pediatric parent and family advisory council that is looking for new members. Members of this council will provide feedback on system initiatives influencing Marshfield Children’s pediatric departments within the medical offices and the hospital settings.

“Members may be asked to reflect on future construction projects, share their thoughts on COVID-19 safety measures, or provide insight on measures to improving patient experience,” Pernsteiner said.

Your first-hand experience can give providers and staff invaluable insight and a unique perspective on opportunities that exist within the Health System to better serve patients. For more information about applying to be a member of the pediatric patient and family advisory council at Marshfield Clinic Health System, visit our website to fill out an application.

Share your gratitude

Marshfield Clinic Health System also partnered with the platform, Wambi, to allow patients and their families to share gratitude for staff members who made a difference in their care. By collecting real-time, anonymous feedback, Wambi helps recognize staff members for their outstanding work and ultimately improve patient experience.

For details about Wambi or ways to say thank you for your care providers, visit marshfieldclinic.org/gratitude to learn more.

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