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Health care at home? There’s an app for that

Most of us don’t like trekking to the doctor’s office when we’re feeling sick. The good news is, for many common conditions, you don’t have to.

Health care services that allow you to be seen by your provider via face-to-face video or by phone are available. At Marshfield Clinic Health System, Care My Way uses phone or video services to care for patients with constipation, heartburn, flu, sinus infection, allergies, strep throat and many other illnesses.

Telehealth is such a nice option for people who are not seriously ill but still need to be evaluated” said Dr. Jennifer Strong, a Marshfield Clinic Health System family medicine physician. “Avoiding a trip to the Clinic when you’re sick, and being able to stay home and comfortable while still receiving great care is such a convenience.”

Dr. Strong said sometimes patients call her and leave a message asking a question, and she needs more information to address their concerns. With telehealth, instead of leaving a message for your doctor, you can have a conversation with a provider from home.

“People may think they have one simple question about their health, but as providers, we know that sometimes one question leads to many more,” Dr. Strong said. “So if we can offer people the chance to have an in-depth evaluation from home, we are really improving patient experience.”

At Marshfield Clinic Health System, nurse practitioners staff Care My Way. These providers follow evidence-based guidelines to treat a variety of illnesses. Every time a nurse practitioner sees a patient through Care My Way, that patient’s primary care doctor receives a report of the visit to review.

Try Care My Way

To try Care My Way, visit www.caremyway.org or download the Care My Way app.

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