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Jack-o-lanterns glow. Yours can Shine with this template

pumpkin-carving-template-I-MAC_3213_BPeople have carved pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns for centuries. The custom originated in Ireland as a means to frighten away evil spirits. These days, it’s more of a fun family activity and a way to express creativity.

If you really want to frighten away evil spirits, try a positive message on your jack-o’-lantern. But do so safely.

And don’t throw away those seeds. They’re tasty and good for you. Try this toasted pumpkin seed recipe from SimplyRecipes.com.

Here are some tips to help make your pumpkin carving and display safe:

  • If using a template, trace the template onto the pumpkin.
  • Poke holes in the flesh of the pumpkin using a nail or punch as a guide for your knife.
  • Use a “pumpkin carving knife.” It is designed to cut through pumpkin flesh and to reduce injury.
  • Do not let young children use a knife and supervise older children.
  • Never force the knife into the pumpkin.
  • Always point the knife away from you and keep your free hand away from the direction of the blade.
  • When lighting your jack-o’-lantern, consider alternatives to candles like battery-operated flameless candles or glow sticks.
  • If you do use a candle, never leave your jack-o’-lantern unattended and make sure the area is free of debris like dried leaves.

Enjoy our free printable pumpkin carving templates for your Halloween fun.

Click on the images to open the PDF and print or grab them all.

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Dr. Frankenstein Pumpkin Carving Tempalte | Shine365 Smiling Jack Pumpkin Carving Template | Shine 365
SHINE pumpkin carving template | Shine 365

Have a safe and spook-tacular Halloween this year!  We’d love to see your pumpkin carving creations. Share them on our Facebook page or tweet them to @mfldclinic.

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