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Ask the expert: Options for hysterectomy


When is a hysterectomy recommended?

Hysterectomy is the medical term for surgically removing the uterus.

A hysterectomy is most often performed to treat heavy bleeding, large fibroids, prolapse and cancer. Because it is a major surgery with risks and recovery time, I encourage patients to pursue all possible medical treatments before resorting to hysterectomy.

There are three main approaches to how I remove the uterus. You can remove the uterus vaginally. Laparoscopic hysterectomies remove the uterus with small incisions in the abdomen for a camera and instruments. You also can remove abdominally with a large incision similar to a C-section.

I recommend the minimally invasive procedure through the vagina because women will have less pain and a quicker recovery when they have fewer incisions. However, each patient is unique and the type of surgery is based on his or her individual situation.


Benjamin Faustich MD

Ben Faustich, M.D.

Dr. Faustich cares for any women’s health needs from low- to high-risk pregnancies, as well as, gynecological issues like abnormal bleeding, pain, birth control options and menopause. He is  passionate about working with his patients to find out what works best for them.

3 responses to “Ask the expert: Options for hysterectomy”

  1. Jean

    I had a laproscopic hysterectomy in 2010 at another facility/different doctor. As they say, "the operation was a success, but the patient died". Somehow, my vagus nerve must have been damaged because since the operation, I have zero libido. (Much much different than before). If I had known that was a possibility, I would have weighed carefully having this prophylactic hysterectomy.

  2. Rosemary Schmidt

    Last year I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy because of cancer done by Dr. Evans at Marshfield Medical Center. I had very little pain and came through in flying colors. Dr. Evans is a wonderful Dr. and I would recommend it to any women who is having problems!!

    1. Kirsten Shakal, Shine365 Editor

      I'm happy to hear you had a good experience, Rosemary. I will be sure to share your kind words with Dr. Evans. Thank you for reading! -Kirstie

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