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Patient’s journey: One young man’s story of winning and victory

Ryan Dieringer loves to win.

Dieringer, as a high school student, was a tremendously driven athlete.

He lettered in multiple sports. “As an athlete and a competitor in general I’ve always wanted to win. I don’t like losing.”

Dieringer, as a high school student, was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma.

Learning he had cancer and finding out those test results to him meant “I had a game plan. I knew how to attack it and like everything else in my life I wanted to win,” he said. “The entire journey makes me appreciate what really matters to me – family, friends and happiness. You can say anything you want about success but the little things in life are what really matter.”

Surviving cancer does not define Dieringer as a person. He’d rather be known as “Ryan the sports enthusiast, Ryan the student, rather than the cancer survivor.”

View Dieringer’s story. It’s a story of hope and love, support from his family and actually from hundreds of families and thousands of prayers, being driven to win… and ultimately being happy.

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