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Robotic-assisted surgery can aid surgeons during total joint replacements

Robotic-assisted surgery

Advanced technology helps surgeons create personalized preoperative plans for increased precision.

Robotic-assisted surgery offers more options for patients considering total hip and knee joint replacements. Surgeons use this advanced technology to have more information about the joint to create a more personalized surgical plan.

The benefits to using this technology starts by knowing more about the patient’s anatomy before even entering the operating room. A CT scan generates a 3D model of the joint. Then, the surgeon uses this interactive model to create an operative plan tailored to the patient.

“We can take into considerations tissue balance during surgery and using the robot as a tool to implant the replacement exactly according to plan,” said Dr. David Simenstad, Marshfield Clinic Health System orthopedic surgeon.

The plan is loaded into the Mako SmartRobotics™ system. During the surgery, the robotic-arm then guides the surgeon within the pre-defined area according to the plan. Additionally, the AccuStop™ haptic system prevents the surgeon’s cutting tool from moving outside the planned boundaries. This increases the surgeon’s precision.

Robotic-assisted technology complements surgeons’ expertise

Computer-assisted surgery is not new for Marshfield Clinic Health System orthopedic surgeons. However, this robotic tool offers additional technology to increase precision and accuracy even beyond what computer-assisted surgery already does.

Additional benefits also may include a more natural feeling for the patient after surgery due to more precise implant placement. And, it may result in smaller incisions, quicker recovery, shorter hospitalizations, less pain and a reduced risk of injury to adjacent tissues.

If you are considering a total knee or hip replacement because of chronic joint pain due to osteoarthritis or injury, you may be eligible for a replacement using robotic-assisted surgery. Ask your orthopedic surgeon if this method is right for you.

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