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Cancer survivors can offer good advice for coping

Each year, National Cancer Survivors Day®, gives all people with cancer in their health history or who have been touched by cancer, the opportunity to:

  • connect with each other
  • celebrate milestones
  • recognize caregivers and others who have provided support

Community events are hosted the world over to honor cancer survivors and show life after cancer diagnosis can be fruitful, rewarding and even inspiring.

Who is a survivor?

The National Cancer Institute defines cancer survivorship as the experience of living with, through and beyond cancer for patients and the people in their lives who are impacted by the diagnosis. It comprises physical, psychological, emotional, social, spiritual and economic aspects of life that may be influenced by cancer.

Having a potentially life-threatening disease often leads people to examine their lives and look for meaning in new ways. Many say cancer is a “rock your soul” experience that leads them to wonder, “How do I keep going now that I know how fragile life really is?” And, “On what do I really want to focus my time and energy?”

For people living with and beyond cancer, connecting with others who’ve experienced cancer can be helpful in ways they might not have realized or imagined.

In this video, cancer survivors offer advice from their experiences:

  • Express feelings and seek support.
  • Gather reliable information.
  • Develop a good rapport with your health care team.
  • Surround yourself with others who can support you and help lighten the burden.
  • Stay positive.

Learn more about cancer survivorship and resources for support.

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