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Cast customization gives children care beyond treatment

Over the past 10 years, casts for broken bones have improved with waterproof liner material. This alleviates burden for adults and children when it comes to simple hygiene or outdoor experiences. Additionally, children who injure their arm or leg can make the experience even more enjoyable with cast customization.

Image of young patient looking at her casts.

Cast customization gives patients the opportunity to create their own design.

“Parents and kids tell us that it makes a big difference for kids to be able to have control over this aspect of their care, and makes it fun for them,” said Dr. Rachel Randall, pediatric orthopedic surgeon at Marshfield Clinic Health System. “Making the cast fun and personalized helps each patient make it their own, and take ownership of the experience.”

Cast customization is personalized to your child’s wants and needs, giving them a chance to create a unique design for their cast. Marshfield Children’s allows kids to select color or multiple colors, along with ribbons, stickers (for non-waterproof) and other items to decorate the cast. Casts are wrapped during the visit, but Randall says patients often return for follow-up appointments with “amazing masterpieces” after adding more personal touches at home.

“It always makes me smile when a kid gets super excited about choosing their cast color,” Randall said. “Kids will consider the options very carefully as though it is the most important decision. I love that, and I understand it. I know which colors I would pick.”

Randall said that patients always have a choice in which color(s) they want. The only limitation is whether the cast can be waterproof. Sometimes, you can’t use the waterproof material because of the incision or injury.

If you or your child is in need of a cast, talk to your orthopedic team about creating a cast customized.

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