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Pediatric trauma centers: 3 things to know

Pediatric trauma centers play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of children who have experienced severe injuries. These specialized facilities provide comprehensive and immediate care to pediatric patients, addressing the unique medical and emotional needs of children and their families during traumatic injuries. Pediatric trauma care is a vital service for children, especially in rural communities.

child receiving pediatric trauma care

“Twenty percent of injured patients come from rural communities,” said Dr. Jennifer Roberts, pediatric trauma surgeon and trauma center medical director with Marshfield Clinic Health System. “So one of the biggest services that we can provide people is to bring the right patient to the right facility as fast as we can.”

Pediatric trauma centers provide specialized expertise

Pediatric trauma centers have dedicated teams of specialists including pediatric surgeons, emergency physicians, nurses, anesthesiologists and other specialists with expertise in caring for injured children. These specialists provide prompt assessment and stabilization of pediatric trauma patients. They handle a wide range of injuries, from minor to severe, ensuring that children receive immediate and appropriate care.

Pediatric trauma surgeons skillfully address injuries that require surgical intervention. These may include fractures, internal injuries and other conditions that demand specialized surgical expertise.

Comprehensive care extends beyond the acute phase, and pediatric trauma centers often provide rehabilitation services to support the recovery and rehabilitation of injured children. “We are committed to top notch patient care throughout their journey with us,” said Dr. Roberts. “It’s always rewarding to see a child go home with their family and continue to enjoy the things they love.”

Trauma care for children: Focus on emotional care in stressful situations

These teams emphasize a multidisciplinary approach. They address not only the physical injuries but also the psychological and emotional impact on the child and their family. Certified child life specialists are a part of teams to support the family. They help children understand and cope with their injuries in the emergency department, during surgery, procedures and hospitalization. The hospital’s child life specialists work to reduce anxiety and enhance understanding, making the health care experience more positive for children and their families.

Another way pediatric-focused centers decrease the stress of hospitalization for children is by having special spaces. Facilities are designed specifically for children, creating an environment that is less intimidating and more comforting for young patients.

Finally, staying close to your child in these stressful times is important. Many pediatric trauma centers offer accommodations for families to stay close to their children during treatment. Family support is important to the healing process.

“Providing compassionate care in Wisconsin through our rural trauma center not only heals wounds but gives hope,” said Megan Foltman, pediatric trauma program manager for Marshfield Clinic Health System. “Our goal is that every child we care for receives the attention and expertise they deserve on the road to recovery.”

Injury prevention programs and community education

Pediatric trauma centers often engage in community outreach and education programs to raise awareness about injury prevention. The goal of this proactive approach is reduce accidents and other preventable injuries. Through outreach programs, educational initiatives, and collaborations with schools and community groups, the hospital strives to promote pediatric health and well-being.

“At Marshfield Clinic Health System, we have a commitment to research and education. Our work also extends to collaborating with communities, EMS partners and schools,” Dr. Roberts said.

Learn more about the pediatric trauma center at Marshfield Children’s Hospital.

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