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Patient story: Snoezelen room creates calming environment

Editor’s note: This was filmed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shayla Guralski has a complex medical history and is susceptible to getting sick or developing infections that can result in numerous hospital admissions.

Bubble tubes, fiber optic lights and soft colors may look like something out of the future, but these features create a Snoezelen room, a multi-sensory environment to help calm and reduce agitation. For Shayla, a Snoezelen cart visit helped her become calm and feel safe during a stay at Marshfield Children’s Hospital. The Snoezelen cart and room is available as part of the inpatient rehabilitation center  and is made possible through donations to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

While there are challenges every day, it’s important for Shayla’s mom, Angie, to help Shayla stay content and happy. To do this, her family took all Shayla’s favorite Snoezelen room features and transformed her room at home into special place for Shayla to feel peace.

Watch Shayla’s story.

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