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Marshfield Medical Center–Neillsville provides kid-worthy quality care that includes well-visits, sports physicals, acute illnesses, chronic medical conditions, mental health concerns and more.

Marshfield Medical Center–Neillsville provides kid-worthy quality care for infants, children and adolescents by a team educated and trained in caring for and diagnosing pediatric patients.

We can see and treat children for well-visits, sports physicals, acute illnesses, chronic medical conditions, mental health concerns and more.

With our advancement in telehealth, pediatric and adolescent specialists, such as pediatric endocrinologists, neurologists and psychiatrists, are now accessible via phone or laptop. Patients are able to receive pediatric services from the comfort of their home.

Whether it’s through an in-person office visit, phone call or telehealth appointment, our team is here to treat your children.

Designed with kids in mind

Our new pediatric rooms have a refreshing design, one that promotes comfort and eases fears. Our new hospital also features a special, pediatric waiting area.

“We want kids to be comfortable coming to the doctor,” said Dr. Stacy Donnelly, Marshfield Medical Center–Neillsville pediatrician.

The waiting room has a large farm mural on the main wall of the waiting area. Local high school tech education students built a reading nook in the shape of a barn, a bookshelf silo and a feed trough-reading table.

The child-friendly space creates a warm welcome for children who come in for appointments.

A network of care

Having pediatrics in Neillsville is an opportunity to bring specialized, comprehensive medical care to children, close to home. Marshfield Medical Center–Neillsville is connected to Marshfield Children’s and supported by the region’s only dedicated pediatric hospital, Marshfield Children’s Hospital.

Backed by over 40 pediatric sub-specialties should your child need specialty care, we provide seamless care between your child and our specialists through shared electronic medical records and regular updates. Dr. Donnelly and your Marshfield Children’s team can help you and your family with referrals or consults, including referrals to our child and adolescent psychiatrists.

“Dr. Donnelly can reach out to the pediatric specialists at Marshfield Children’s to get advice or direction, or to make a referral. She has the quick ability to connect with them,” said Dr. Edna DeVries, pediatric service line medical director. “Marshfield Children’s Hospital also is quite close to Neillsville. If any of her patients need hospitalization, she has access to our hospital team.”

Your child’s health care team also works closely with our family medicine providers to help provide primary care and consultations.

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