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6 answers to common concerns about telehealth appointments

Addressing Telehealth Concerns

Telehealth at home appointments help you stay connected with your provider. We’re here to help answer possible concerns you may have.

Telehealth at home appointments are a great way to stay connected with your provider from the comfort and safety of your home. These virtual visits are convenient, reliable and come with a host of other benefits.

However, as is often the case when new technology is introduced into our lives, there is a lot of hesitancy and worry surrounding how it works.

At Marshfield Clinic Health System, we have been offering telehealth appointments for over 20 years and can help address concerns you may have.

“Setting up an appointment will be too complicated.”

Telehealth at home appointments are more user-friendly than you may think.

“If you have used Skype or other video conferencing software before, then you’ve already experienced what a telehealth at home appointment will be like,” said Chris Meyer, Director, Virtual Health, at Marshfield Clinic Health System.

You’ll receive verification via email after you schedule your appointment. This email will include a link and time for your visit.

Prior to the visit, the provider’s office will call you. They will collect your information, address any questions and direct you to click the link to start your visit.

“My phone or laptop won’t be able to support this type of call.”

To start your call you need an internet connection and a laptop with camera, speakers and microphone, or a smartphone such as an iPhone or Android.

On some devices, such as smartphones, you may need to install a free WebEx application and permit use of your camera and microphone during your first visit.

“A telehealth at home visit requires an internet connection sufficient for two-way audio and video,” Meyer said. “You will need about 1Mb of bandwidth complete this type of visit.”

A good way to test your device’s capability is by video chatting on FaceTime or Facebook with your family members. If you can, you should be able to complete a telehealth at home appointment with Marshfield Clinic Health System.

“A telehealth at home appointment won’t work for my condition.”

While telehealth at home isn’t a solution for everything, it can be a great option for a number of visits. As more and more appointments are being done virtually, providers are getting even more creative with ways they can ensure the health and safety of their patients.

If you have questions about whether a telehealth at home visit is right for you, visit our website or talk to your provider.

“I’ll wind up speaking to someone who isn’t my doctor and isn’t an expert.”

Our telehealth at home appointments ensure that you continue to have access to your provider. All Marshfield Clinic Health System providers have access to provide telehealth at home visits.

“My insurance won’t cover telehealth appointments.”

“During the COVID National Emergency, almost all major insurance carriers as well as MediCare and Medicaid are covering the cost of telehealth visits the same as they have covered in-person office-visits,” Meyer said. “This may change at the end of the COVID National Emergency.”

“My information on medical devices can lead to privacy issues.”

This is an understandable and reasonable concern. But rest assured, patient privacy is always a top-priority.

“During the COVID National Emergency, more use of telehealth technology is being allowed,” Meyer said. “Telehealth appointments at the Health System still ensure privacy and security during your visit.”

If you need to schedule an appointment with a Health System provider or care team, contact your doctor’s office to see if a telehealth at home appointment is an option for you.

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