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Let it snow! Winter wellness tips for you and yours

Winter in the Midwest can feel like a challenge to your health, mentally and physically. Marshfield Clinic Health System providers say, “It is what you make of it.”

Engage in events you find enjoyable and those that keep you active. When it’s too cold, find inside fun.

“Have a snowball fight inside. You have millions of socks that don’t get matched in the wash. Take those socks, tie them in a knot, and have a snowball fight with each other,” said Dr. Stephanie Kohlbeck speaking of winter with her kids. Kohlbeck is a child psychologist with Marshfield Clinic Health System.

Also, try to make plans with your family so you have something to look forward to, like ice skating or snowshoeing.

“It is great to be outside, and in Wisconsin, if you don’t have a winter plan, you’re going to be inside for half a year,” said Dr. Josh Sampson, a Marshfield Clinic Health System obstetrician and gynecologist.

More winter wellness tips

In this video, Marshfield Clinic Health System providers share their top winter wellness tips.

Featured providers

Dr. Stephanie Kohlbeck
Dr. Justin Schoen
Dr. Brandon Parkhurst
Dr. James Meyer
Dr. Alison Sampson
Chrisanne Urban
Dr. Josh Sampson
Dr. Alissa Murch
Yolanta Soroko

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