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3 advantages of private infusion rooms for cancer care

Patient and nurse conference - Private infusion rooms

Private infusion rooms, like those found at Marshfield Clinic Cancer Center-Eau Claire, provide many benefits to cancer care patients.

Many patients receive chemotherapy infusions for cancer in a bay setting with many other individuals alongside them. Recently cancer centers are using private infusion rooms more and more.

“Before our new cancer center, we would have patients who would request to be moved out of the bay and into the private infusion rooms as soon as they opened up,” said Criss Gutsch, regional oncology manager at Marshfield Clinic Cancer Center-Eau Claire where there are 18 private infusion rooms.

Being comfortable is important because you can spend up to eight hours receiving infusions at a time. Private infusion rooms offer three distinct advantages.

1. Private infusion rooms mean privacy

Having privacy makes it easier to talk to your care team without other people hearing your medical information.

“We bring everything to the patient’s bedside. If you were sitting in a big bay and you needed to talk to a social worker, everybody would hear everything,” Gutsch said.

Private infusion rooms also cut down on the need to move to a private location to talk with your doctor. This reduces the time you spend at the cancer center.

2. Safety measures

While privacy is important, safety is an important consideration when using a private infusion room.

Infusions can cause side effects, so having adequate space for your care team to respond quickly is important for them and in keeping your care confidential. Private infusion rooms also control infection risks better since you are not sitting in a room with other patients.

3. A little bit of home

Having family with you is important, so many private infusion rooms have seating and tables for your family and friends. This allows for a quick game of cards and good conversations. Most private infusion rooms also include a private TV.

Special attention can even be given to the amount of natural lighting. Research has shown that natural lighting helps people recover from illness faster.

“We focused on building it so there would be all of this natural light coming in to provide that natural healing,” Gutsch said.

The Eau Claire cancer center also has a commons area for social activities, including a puzzle table and refreshments.

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