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Ballpark Belly Bombers: The calorie kings

With baseball season upon us, we couldn’t resist revisiting one of our favorite bits of information: How many home runs you need to hit to burn off calories from ballpark food.

The heavy hitters

Did you know that a single home run trot burns about eight calories?  Just how many home runs would it take to burn off an afternoon’s worth of ballpark indulgences?

Check out the graphic below for a bit of fun, and useful, nutritional information on ballpark belly bombers.

Tailgate tip

Don’t forget to eat a healthy snack before the game.  Your wallet and waistline will thank you.  Need some ideas? Check out this post – Power purse: High-fiber, low-calorie snack options for great ideas to pack along for the ride to the stadium.

Belly bombers baseball calories infographic

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