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Trouble waking up? Set healthy morning routines

Beep, beep, beep. Hit snooze. Repeat.

Does this sound like your typical morning? Your alarm continues to sound, but you just don’t want to get out of bed. Starting your day off fresh and rejuvenated begins with getting enough quality sleep and adding in some healthy morning routines.

Girl in bed trying to turn off her alarm - Healthy morning routines

Don’t want to wake up in the morning? This could stem from your bedtime and morning routines.

A good morning starts with a good night

To promote a healthy sleep regimen, Marshfield Clinic Health System Nurse Practitioner Joy Hessel recommends having a healthy sleep routine, which includes setting a consistent bedtime and wake up schedule. This consistency improves physical and mental performance. Hessel recommends seven to eight hours of sleep for adults to improve memory, mental alertness and creativity.

“Studies have proven that adults who achieve the recommended amount of sleep have a longer lifespan and have an improved quality of life,” she said. “Adequate sleep also helps students improve their academic performance, can reduce inflammation in the body and is vital in helping maintain a healthy weight.”

To help with your sleep schedule, Hessel suggests avoiding electronics at least two hours prior to bedtime. She said relaxation techniques like reading, meditation or praying prepare your body for good quality sleep.

Start your day off right

After you have your sleep routine, it’s time to start some healthy morning routines. This includes eating a healthy breakfast with a good source of protein to keep your energy going throughout the morning. Hessel also said coffee helps with mental alertness, but to limit your caffeine intake to less than two servings per day.

Excessive coffee or caffeine intake can contribute to sleeplessness, joint pains, fatigue and dehydration,” she said.

With your nutritious breakfast, Hessel recommends waking up with movement.

“Starting the day with exercise and stretches can help you feel energized and fresh,” she said. “This also will help alleviate any muscle stiffness or joint pains.”

If you are still having trouble waking up, talk with your provider.

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