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Test your holiday food smarts (quiz)

Take the holiday food quiz from Shine365 to see how smart you are about holiday food choicesThink you know how to keep off the winter pounds?

Unfortunately, indulging in holiday treats can sneak up on the best of us.

Test your holiday smarts

Take our quiz to test your holiday food IQ.  Then, check out these five tips for being healthier during the holidays, from Marshfield Clinic dietitian Ashley Short.


Think you know how to pick a guilt-free feast?

See if you can recognize the more healthful choice at your holiday party. Calories add up quickly so it’s important to know where the heavy hitters are in order to make balanced choices.

For each question, pick which option has fewer calories.


Tips for a healthy holiday

  1. Try not to snack on cookies and drink eggnog regularly throughout the holiday season. Treat yourself to holiday food on the day you celebrate with family and friends. Then get back on track with a balanced diet.
  1. Don’t go to holiday gatherings hungry. Have a healthful meal earlier in the day, so you don’t overdo it with high-calorie foods at the party. Don’t skip meals to save your appetite for the party; if you do, you’ll probably feel miserable afterward.
  1. Bring a healthy dish to pass, like a fruit or veggie tray. Have small portions of higher calorie foods and fill more of your plate with veggies, fruits and lean protein like white meat turkey.
  1. Stay active. Walk, shop or sled with family and friends after your holiday meal. Adding regular activity to your life may help you make healthier food choices.
  1. Give and take. Pick one dessert you want the most instead of sampling all three. If you know you want dessert, go easy on high-calorie foods beforehand, opting instead to eat more lean protein and veggies.

Healthy recipe alternatives

Don’t forget about these healthier recipe ideas for your party menu.

5 responses to “Test your holiday food smarts (quiz)”

  1. Alice Blaser

    Love Marshfield Clinics and their great Health care Staff.

  2. Check your usage of "YOUR" VS "YOU'RE" which mean different things. Your use is incorrect.

    Also, does the intro mention (I didn't notice) which item has the lower caloric count? It seems each answer here is about calories VS overall health benefits? Sugar cookies may have fewer calories but ginger is better for you than just sugar.

    1. Kirsten Shakal

      The instructions at the beginning of the quiz ask readers to select the option with fewer calories. Thanks for pointing out that the higher-calorie foods may have ingredients with health benefits, too. Enjoy them in moderation. -Kirstie

  3. Stephen Carlton

    Pecan or pumpkin pie? Sweet potato or mashed? This fun QUIZ will test whether "YOUR" making the lower-calorie options at the holiday buffet. Share your genius with friends!

    1. Kirsten Shakal

      Nice catch. Your editing skills caught it before ours. -Kirstie

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