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The Rounds: Designated, qualified trauma centers means care when you need it most

A life-changing car accident or hard fall can happen at any time. And with traumatic injuries, time is of the essence, as is access to high-level trauma care.

Certified trauma centers in rural communities means that high-quality care is accessible to more people, when they need it most. Marshfield Clinic Health System provides this high-quality care throughout the heart of Wisconsin with access to a network of trauma centers.

This network includes a Level II adult and pediatric trauma center at Marshfield Medical Center in Marshfield. Through this trauma center you have access to critical care board-certified surgeons, inpatient rehabilitation, and follow up care with your local providers through the Health System.

Dr. Ivan Maldonado and Gina Brandl join us on this episode of The Rounds. Dr. Maldonado is a board-certified critical care surgeon and Brandl is the trauma program manager at Marshfield Medical Center in Marshfield. They share information on the expert care provided at trauma centers, the importance of trauma care in rural communities and Marshfield’s goal of achieving the highest certification of Level I trauma center.

Listen to podcast below:

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