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Lose 1 pound per week: Lighten lunch calories

Editor’s note: This story is one in a series to help you healthfully lose weight and build a habit of nutritious choices. Here we feature lighter lunch swaps.

Start your journey to healthier choices with breakfast. Then, extend your habit change to your lunch choices.

Add exercise to your day for more calorie savings.

“Just remember 3,500 calories is the amount in one pound of body fat. With proper diet and exercise, you can calculate how many calories you’re eating and how many calories you’ve burned through exercise,” said Jaimee Gregor, a Marshfield Clinic Health System registered dietitian. “Take advantage of technology to do the calculations for you. One of my favorite apps is Lose It.”

Sometimes cutting calories is as easy as your choice of condiments. Simply switch from mayo to mustard to save 90 calories in one sitting.

Calorie-cutting series: Lunch ideas

Lighten lunch calories with these swaps.

Lighter Lunch Swaps, Calorie-cutting infographic

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