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Video: Get more core (Part 4): Trunk, leg strengthening cont.

Make core muscle activation prominent in your workouts. Strengthening these muscles can help reduce your chance for injuries and contribute to better balance, coordination and posture.

Core muscles extend from the base of your head to your pelvis. Learn how to activate your core muscles.

Focus on your abs, back and legs

In our fourth video, a Marshfield Clinic physical therapist will show you six basic moves to strengthen trunk core muscles, focusing on your abs, back and legs. You can do these exercises at home or at work to tone and strengthen these important muscles.


Get more core every day. Perform each exercise for 10-20 repetitions.

If you want to incorporate these core exercises into your fitness program or sports training, consider working with a trained instructor and begin slowly.

Check out our Get More Core video series on Shine365.  You can also view the playlist on Youtube

5 responses to “Video: Get more core (Part 4): Trunk, leg strengthening cont.”

  1. Donna

    These core exercises look fine when performed by a nubile 40 year-old. I'm 81. If I got down on the floor to do these I'd have to call in a construction worker to get me back on my feet. What exercise do you have for over-eighty, overweight that will help "the core"? Donna

    1. Wellness Team

      Hi, Donna,

      Thanks for reaching out. You have a great point. We'll add this to our ideas for future stories, but in the meantime, I've asked one of our physical therapists to share some exercises you may find beneficial.

      I'll share them as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

      – Jake, Shine365 editor

    2. Wellness Team

      Hi, Donna, I had a chance to speak with Ashley, the physical therapist in the video.

      She writes: Many of the exercises performed in the video can be done in a seated or standing position. It is important to make sure to engage abdominal bracing throughout the exercises, which can be performed by sitting tall, pulling the belly button to your spine as if you are putting on a tight pair of pants, and breathe!

      Thanks, Jake, editor

  2. Nancy Meyer

    Often have pain in my hips after walking a short time, minute or two at the most. Any help?

    1. Wellness Team

      Hi, Nancy,

      Sorry for the delay. I've reached out to our physical therapists for input. But, if you're having recurring pain we recommend you talk with your doctor.


      Jake, Shine365 editor

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