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7 stretches for tight hips

Our bodies work in mysterious ways. In the instance of tight hips, you may find hip pain leads to back and knee pain, too.

What causes tight hips?

“There are a number of factors that can contribute to hip tightness,” said Gregor Wenig, a Marshfield Clinic Health System physical therapist. “Likely causes are a sedentary lifestyle or muscle imbalance.”

Sitting too much is detrimental to more than your hips. A sedentary lifestyle negatively impacts your overall health.

Muscle imbalance may come from strengthening specific areas of the body more than others.

“Many people forget to include hip strengthening or stretching into their fitness routines,” Wenig said.

How to fix tight hips

Exercise and stretches focused on your hip area – hip flexors and glutes – can help fix tight hips.

This article provides health information and is not intended to be medical advice. Talk with your provider before beginning a program of regular physical activity.

You should not experience any pain during the following stretches, only a pull or stretch. If you experience pain, you may have an underlying orthopedic condition. See your provider.



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