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5 intermediate exercises for stronger legs

Editor’s note: This video is the second in a series to help you get a strong, stable lower body. Here we feature intermediate level exercises.

Need a reason not to skip leg day?

Strengthening your lower body makes everyday activities easier, according to Marshfield Clinic physical therapists Erik Smith and Karissa Paulsrud. You can carry groceries, pick up boxes and move furniture more efficiently when you use your legs to help you lift instead of straining your back.

Build muscle with these intermediate lower body exercises

Our second lower body exercise video features five more moves to build strong, toned legs. Start with 10 repetitions of each exercise and two rounds of the circuit every day. Work your way up to 15 repetitions and three rounds.

Start your exercise routine with a dynamic warm-up and end with stretching.

Download Intermediate Exercises Handout


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