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10 gift ideas for improving health during and after the holidays

It’s a good thing to support family and friends who are focused on clean nutrition, fitness and a positive mindset. Even if health isn’t top of mind, you still may want to encourage your loved ones to strive for improving their health over the holidays and beyond.

Exchanging presents - Healthy gift ideas

Improve your loved one’s health with any one of these 10 healthy gift ideas.

On average, Americans gain five to seven pounds during the eight weeks before New Year’s Day.

Dr. Antoinette Hayek, Marshfield Clinic Health System family medicine physician, and Kari Mizgalski, registered dietitian, share a few ideas that are simple and easy on the checkbook. These health-promoting gifts help bring some much-needed balance to the hectic holiday season and the New Year, by making it easier for your loved one to put themselves and their health first.

Consider gifting:

  1. A fitness tracker.
  2. Local gym membership with bag for gear.
  3. Stainless steel water bottle that keeps water cold for 24 hours.
  4. Gift card to organic grocery store or farmer’s market.
  5. Journal or yearly planner for stress management, or to document food intake and exercise.
  6. Relaxation package like a yoga mat, essential oils and exercise clothing.
  7. Inspirational signs like “Love yourself,” or “Be stronger than your excuses,” or a motivational daily calendar.
  8. Mason jars with recipes for healthy snacks.
  9. Bullet or Ninja blender with recipes for smoothies.
  10. Seeds, potting materials and gardening gloves for growing veggies and herbs.

Any one of these gift ideas alone or in combination could make exceptional presents to give over the holidays for the health nut, or wannabe fitness guru in your circle.

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