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Pet ‘therapists’ provide love, compassion and a listening ear

Angie, Gunner, Jordy, Dice, Penny, Enzo, Aspyne … they all take their work as therapists very seriously and instinctively know what people need.

It may be a moment of play, being quietly close, listening to a story or providing comfort as only this type of therapist can give. These therapists are the four-legged kind, specially-trained dogs whose “parents” volunteer with them through pet therapy programs at Marshfield Medical Center in Marshfield and Marshfield Medical Center-Rice Lake.

Watch this touching story about the care these canines provide for those in need of their affection, attention and a tail wag and the pet therapy programs of which they are a part.

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3 responses to “Pet ‘therapists’ provide love, compassion and a listening ear”

  1. Richard Brown

    I have 2 Golden Retrievers, both are Certified and insurance by Bright and Beautiful Beautiful Therapy. Both are also AKC Therapy Dogs, Grace is a AKC Therapy Dog Distinguished with AKC Community Canine, and Honor is a AKC Therapy Dog Advanced with AKC Community Canine..Both have won the Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dog Trrrrrrific Award. Both have worked at Children Hospital of Michigan, VA Hospital of Michigan, Clinton Township Autistic school , 3 different schools. Any question s you might have please contact me

  2. Kim Kinsey

    I am starting Dog therapy school with my Goldendoodle next week with hopes that we both succeed and he is a therapy dog. My concern is putting the dog in danger… are these dogs ever put with violent patients or patients that have diseases that are contagious to dogs? Maybe I will learn all about this in Therapy school.

  3. Kristy B

    Back in the day I was in ICU then Rehab after back surgery. The recovery was lengthy and rough. I remember the visit I had by "Bodie" during my rehab stay. It was a particularly bad day and he came running in and jumped up on my bed. Being a huge animal lover and missing my own pets at home, much less my family Bodie made my day!! He gave me the love and snuggles and kisses I needed to assist in my recovery. It is a Great Program! Kuddos to all involved 🙂

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