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Warm up before cold-weather sports

Editor’s note: This video is the first in a series to provide warmups for cold-weather sports like skiing, snowshoeing or snowboarding.

Dynamic stretching and warmups are supposed to mimic movements that will be used in your next desired activity. Without warmups before skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding or other winter sports, you risk muscle and ligament strains and sprains.

In the video below, we share warmups that mimic movements used in most cold-weather sports and activities. These movements prepare your body for activity by helping to increase blood flow to affected muscles, increase core temperature and enhance balance and stability.

Preparation makes activities more enjoyable.

“Warmups should be specific to the activity to best prepare your muscles and joints for the upcoming demands,” said Tom Schuerman, a Marshfield Clinic physical therapist.

Try these warmups

Take 10 minutes to perform these warmups before skiing, snowshoeing or snowboarding.

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