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6 tips for better sleep using an ancient perspective

We humans can do many things for better sleep like darkening our room, meditating and listening to calm music. These may help, but none of us are the same when it comes to sleep, and it’s for good reason.

Sleep is much deeper than you think. Almost everything about sleep relates to our biology, which was shaped by our ancestors from many years ago.

“Humans are not supposed to be looking for food at 7 p.m. because all of our genes are for finding food or eating during the day. When the sun goes down we are supposed to be in a safe place – not eating,” said Dr. Jaime Boero, a Marshfield Clinic Health System neurologist specializing in sleep medicine. “When we are eating two or three hours after the sun goes down, we’re going against all of our biology. We are going against 1 million years of our close ancestors.”

For help navigating 1 million years of sleep biology, use these six tips to help you sleep like a caveman.


6 tips for better sleep - Infographic

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